8 EVERYDAY Things You’ve Been Doing WRONG! (Hygiene MISTAKES)

Alpha’s taking a area journey to the general public toilet to speak about hygiene errors. In this video males’s type, grooming, health, and life-style knowledgeable, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM   & Pedro  Hanley  beginning within the public toilet after which taking it house.


  • Don’t have naked pores and skin contact a public toilet — clear the bathroom seat + place new rest room paper to cowl the seat + use rest room paper to flush.
  • When utilizing a urinal, do not splash — purpose low and in direction of the water. Use a paper towel to flush.
  • Survey to exit sanitarily after washing your arms — survey the scene and see the way you’re getting out. Use a paper towel to get out; if no rest room paper is current, use rest room paper to get out of the door.


  • When showering, do not use cleaning soap straight in your physique — use the cleaning soap in your loofah to get probably the most gunk and dirt off your junk and toes.
  • Q-Tips are harmful instruments — Q-Tips do not clear, however as an alternative, they’ll trigger a whole lot of injury. Use a spade by Axel Glade as an alternative. Download the app + join the instrument + use with the digicam. Grab and drag with the tip to wash. The charging base comprises different attachments. It’s the most secure method to clear your ears.
  • Your mouth is a disgusting mess — your breath stinks since you’re utilizing the fallacious instrument. Switch to an electrical toothbrush as a result of it’s designed to brush your enamel correctly. Brush your enamel twice a day somewhat than extra typically. A dry mouth is a smelly mouth, and brushing your enamel dries your mouth.
  • Using rest room paper after deucing would not work in addition to moist wipes — you might want to use moist wipes to be as clear as attainable and aid you keep away from skid marks. Use rest room paper after moist wipes to dry your self off.
  • Wash your arms after going to the toilet — so many dudes depart public restrooms with out washing their arms. Nasty!
  • Your cellular phone is germy, filthy, and disgusting — clear your telephone by spraying diluted rubbing alcohol (Alpha demonstrates) onto a microfiber material. Clean the whole telephone for a squeaky clear telephone. You also can use this spray in your laptop, which might be nasty too.


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