Antibacterial wet wipes infringe labeling legal guidelines, says Consumers’ Foundation

antibacterial merchandise together with wet wipes are promoting themselves with false claims and infringing labeling legal guidelines, in accordance with a brand new survey from the Consumer”s Foundation.
Celia: The unbiased lobbyist for shoppers” rights discovered that quite a few merchandise don’t adhere to rules, with many not containing sufficient alcohol to warrant their claims.

There are numerous alcoholic wet wipes in the marketplace, and a few declare to kill 99.9% of micro organism. Others declare to disinfect or sterilize surfaces. But does the alcohol content material match the hype?

Hu Feng-pin
Consumers’ Foundation
Among these 17 merchandise, one doesn’t have the label, which clearly violates the Commodity Labeling Act. There are one other six that declare to be antibacterial. Now, regular merchandise can promote that, however they need to present some take a look at outcomes that show that they’re certainly antibacterial.

A survey by the Consumers’ Foundation exhibits that of 17 ethanol-based wet wipes, solely 5 had an alcohol content material over 70%. Two had been discovered to include antibacterial brokers, and 6 contained extreme preservatives. Products with lower than 70% ethanol content material can not declare to kill 99.9% of micro organism. Adding antimicrobial brokers could suppress microbes’ progress, however received’t kill them.

Ling Yung-chien
Consumers’ Foundation
It must be at the very least 70% ethanol, however not an excessive amount of. Over 85% it begins to turn out to be much less efficient, as a result of on the greater concentrations, the ethanol evaporates sooner, and might’t enter into the micro organism. So the focus must be inside an applicable vary.

The pandemic isn’t previous but, and the drought disaster has additionally spurred demand for medical ethanol and alcoholic wet wipes. But Taiwan lacks authorized rules on the focus of ethanol and different components in antibacterial merchandise. The Consumers’ Foundation is looking on governmental businesses to attract up new guidelines as quickly as doable.

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