Automatic Wet Wipes Production & Packaging Line (Amazing)

Our automatic wet wipes production line & packaging line directly cuts, folds, soaks, and cuts the raw materials, and automatically transports the wet wipes to the packaging machine. From raw materials to final products are completed on the machine, the production speed is high and hygienic. The automatic process will enhance the speed of the production and reduce the packaging time. The packaging speed, product size range, PLC, etc will be in the perfect scale so that meet different customers requirement.

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— If you don’t know how to choose the wet wipes production line, you can contact us right now and we will introduce in detail about our wet wipes machine in different configurations.
— If you worry about the operation of the wet wipes production line, you can contact us for free online supports. we also give abroad service for machine installment and maintainence.
— If you want a quick study for wet wipes machine operation and trouble shooting, please ask us for detailed operation video and operation manual.

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