Bamboo Biodegradable Wet Wipes Production line

Non-biodegradable wet wipes, which are predominately made of viscose, polyester, or a mixture of the two are amongst the largest contributors of microplastics in our oceans and contribute hundreds of thousands of tonnes of plastic waste to landfill annually. Consequently, many Wet Wipe manufacturers are demanding plant-based alternatives to plastic-based wipes.
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This video shows the whole process of bamboo fiber wet wipes production
It can produce 60 pieces/bag, 72 pieces/bag, 80 pieces/bag, 100 pieces/bag, 120 pieces/bag, etc. It can produce all the sizes of wet wipes that are sold on the market.
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Produce 80 pieces/bag of wet wipes, the most used is the 12 lanes Wet Wipe machine
12 lanes Wet Wipe machine working video

Produce 60 pieces/bag of wet wipes, the most used is the 6 lanes Wet Wipe machine
6-lane Wet Wipe machine working video

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