| COVID-19 Special Bulletin | Masks 101 with Dr. Yves Longtin

Since the beginning of the pandemic, masks have been one of the key topics of discussion, especially for healthcare workers. Are they safe? Can we trust their quality? In this video demonstration, Dr. Yves Longtin, Chief of the Infection Prevention and Control Unit at the Jewish General Hospital breaks down exactly what a good mask is capable of, PLUS, how a simple paper clip can make a huge difference.

Some other factors to consider:

Quality: In order to meet worldwide demand, there’s been a need to increase the number of manufacturers, but many of them simply haven’t had the time to obtain proper certification. That’s not to say the masks they produce are of insufficient quality, but just to be sure, they are first evaluated upon reception by the Ministry of Health and Social Services and then assessed by our Infection Prevention and Control team.

Warning: The quality of masks can vary from lot to lot, so healthcare workers may happen to get a defective one, even if it was initially approved. Defective masks should NOT be used and returned immediately.

Allergies: Allergic reactions can occur from time to time. Healthcare workers who develop a skin rash should refrain from using that particular brand of mask and inform Occupational Health and Safety right away.

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