DH-12N baby wipes machine production line (Best ROI)_Droid Group

Worry about return on investment for wet wipes business?

Here we rolled out the Economic model DH-12 Baby wipes converting and packaging machine which is boasted to be the smallest facility investment you can get to produce wet wipes with an impressive ROI.

We all heard about a lot of success stories where a $100 million empire had its humble beginning from a 150square meter garage.

Likewise, With the machine dimension comes only at 10000x2400x1850mm (LxWxH), your success story on wet wipes business could begin right from here.

This DH-12N full automatic Baby wipes machine adopts Full servo drive and PLC control system for operation.
It is suitable to make Baby wipes, kitchen wipes, home Cleaning wipes, pets wipes, incontinence wipes, flushable wipes, etc in 30-120pcs/pack.

It is consisted of (1) raw material loading device,(2) Tension device, (3) folding device, (4) online wetting system, (5) automatic counting device, (6) auto stacking unit.(7)batch code /data printing unit,(8) auto punching unit, (9)auto corner inserting unit,(10)Auto-Electrical eye tracking, (11) servo driven sealing unit for finished products.

More details you can refer to:
Website: www.droidwipes.com
Mail: zoe@drodiwpes.com
Wechat: 289687422
Whatsapp: +86-15659726323

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