Himalaya Baby Care soothing Baby wipes (Wet wipes for babies)

Himalaya is an excellent Baby care btand which produces herbal Baby care products for 0- 3 year babies. The Himalaya soothing Baby wipes are enriched with Indian Aloe and Lavender. Indian Aloe along with the Almond Oil moisturises the Baby s skin and prevents irritation and Lavender give thenlovely aroma or fragnance of the Baby wipes, It helps is calming and soothing the Baby. Lavender promotes sleep too. Himalaya Soothing Baby wipes is one of the excellent wipes in the market. Do see the video for the detailed review

Do Note:Every Baby is different. Do apply it on a lesser skin area first and if your Baby is not allergic to it then go ahead and use it. However if you feel there are some rashes or your Baby is not comfortable with it. Please stop using the product and see a doctor if required

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