How to Change the Manufacture Date of Wet Wipes

As a Wet Wipe manufacturer, you can produce different wet wipes every day.
But how do you change the production date on the wipes bag?
In this video, our engineer shows you how to change the date printer on the packaging machine. So you can produce the Wet Wipe every day.
stable running 16 hours per day, 2 shifts * 8 hours, each shift for 5 staff;
You can daily production wipes mainly for 3 categories:
Personal Care Wipes: Baby Wet Wipe, alcohol Wet Wipe, disinfectant wipes, women’s wipes, makeup remover Wet Wipe, etc.
Household & Home Cleaning Wipes: Cleaning Wet Wipe, kitchen Wet Wipe, pet Wet Wipe, etc.
industrial Cleaning Wipes: canister Wet Wipe, chemical Wet Wipe, etc.
To start a new business, personal care wipes are used more often. Many customers produce Baby wet wipes, Cleaning wet wipes and makeup remover wet wipes, etc. They often produce 60 pieces/bag, 72 pieces/bag, 80 pieces/bag, etc.
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