LOL Baby Goldie & Punk Boy Love Story & Adventures – LOL Barbie Family Stories

LOl surprise dolls are my favorite toys as you all know and in this video we will look at the fun adventures
Baby Goldie and Punk Boi had. We start with Baby Goldie starting the Barbie Teacher preschool. Punk Boi is not nice
To Goldie but later apologizes. Punk Boy has a crush on Goldie and falls in love. They go to the school dance together and even win the title of king and queen. They participate in the school play “ Frozen Movie” end play Princess Anna and Kristoff. They have a Fun playdate with Barbie Babysitter and their lil siblings. The Lol surprise kids build their own club houses and they compete for the best one! They learn to share and play with each other in this cute and funny kid friendly story.

In this new video you can see The Barbie LOL Family and meet all other favorite lol surprise characters like Lol oops Baby, splatters, teachers pet, scribbles and some new lol surprise boys. You can see different Barbie dolls as Barbie teacher, Barbie Mommy. Barbie babysitter. You can also see Barbie’s sisters Chelsea, Skipper and Stacie n the dance episode.

This Family friendly video is fun and educational. Brings out many family values such as respect, love, and friendship

The Videos Featured in this video are:

LOL Punk Boi meets Baby Goldie – Barbie Family School Morning Routine

Barbie LOL Family Punk Boi Asks Baby Goldie to the Pre School Prom

Getting Married? LOL Punk Boi & Baby Goldie Start in Frozen Musical in Barbie School Show

Barbie Doll Babysitting LOL Baby Goldie & Punk Boi Family

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