Mama Joy's Homemade Baby Wipes

Mama Joy's Homemade Baby Wipes

I make my very own Baby wipes – do you know that they’ve an enormous checklist of chemical compounds in them (and we use them to wash our valuable Baby bums)
I discover this the perfect recipe and technique to do them personally.
I’ve had heaps of individuals ask me to point out them learn how to make them the best way I achieve this thought I might put this up.
Takes lower than 5 minutes to do and is cheaper than shopping for wipes too.
Edited so as to add…
Lots of individuals have requested the precise substances, it is a primary decor tellfresh container, viva papertowels, coconut oil and biologika physique wash (this is without doubt one of the extra pure ones I’ve discovered).

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34 thoughts on “Mama Joy's Homemade Baby Wipes”

  1. thank u and your awesome cuz a year later and I still make and use your fantastic wipes for our Queen and she's never had rashes… thank u for your inspiration xo

  2. Joy , you are officially one of my most favorite people; are you from Australia ??  You apparently have NO FEAR using that intimidating bread knife;; watch out for your fingers..

  3. Thanks for an uncomplicated recipe, but one of my concerns would be mold growth. Hopefully, the natural antibacterial properties of coconut oil help to stave this off.

  4. Wow, it looks like you’re about to slice off your fingers! Why are you being so rough? What body wash did you use? You put it up so fast and with your accent it’s hard to figure out what you said. Slow down!

  5. Horrible idea, because:

    1. Kitchen paper is not flushable.

    2. You should never flush any oil down the loo.

    3. Mold and fecal bacteria will grow there without preservatives.

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