Packaging of nonwoven rolls – RoRo StretchPack XL S2 R installation – Tentoma

Presentation of a packaging line for nonwoven rolls. The packaging line is with RoRo StretchPack XL machine together with conveyors, swing conveyor, plug applicator and warmth on-demand air blower. All packaging installations from Tentoma are totally customizable in order that they match into our clients’ manufacturing traces. The packaging line on this video is a check installation for FAT.

Using a RoRo StretchPack® machine for packaging of nonwoven roll allows you to profit from the horizontal stretch hood packaging expertise:
· Complete mud and waterproof packaging
· Only quick sealings on the ends of the roll
· Smooth and uniform rolls (not sticky)
· Optimal floor for print and branding
· Plug within the ends of the roll as an possibility

This is not going to solely guarantee the whole sealed packaging of your rolls. It can also be a strategy to profit from a completely automated packaging course of.

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