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Hey you guys! I’ve been using Tesco’s Fred & Flo range for some time now and I felt like sharing what I think on the products, plus compare them quality and price wise to other, bigger brands I’ve been using as well.
Have you been using them as well? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

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Fred & Flo newborn Nappy size 2 –
Fred & Flo fragrance Free Wipes –
Fred & Flo 2 Pack Pink Cotbed Fitted Sheets –
Fred & Flo 3 Pack Bee Muslin Cloths –
Fred & Flo Baby Head To Toe Wash 500ml –
Fred & Flo Baby Bubble Bath 500ml –
Fred & Flo Cuddly Soft Bodywash 500ml –
Fred & Flo Bath & Room Thermometer –

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