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Food all over them – and on the floor. Milk stains. Mountains of laundry. It’s time to celebrate the messy world of parenthood as it really is.

Part of the #ThisIsParenthood project:

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More than half of parents feel like failures in the first year and the pressure to be perfect isn’t helping. As a company started by a father for parents everywhere, we think it’s time that changed. We want to bring a healthy dose of honesty to parenthood, just like we did for the Baby category.

#ThisIsParenthood is here to start a more honest conversation around parenthood. Challenging the idea of perfect parenting by celebrating the imperfectly perfect, tackling taboos and showing parents that, whatever happens, they’re never alone.

You can join us in normalising this rollercoaster experience by sharing your parenting journey – the lows and the highs – using #ThisIsParenthood.

And finally, a reminder that the comments should be a positive, judgement-free zone.

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