Wet Wipes and Detergents Manufacturer, Wholesale, Private Label, and Contract

Neva Global is specialized in manufacturing wet wipes, household cleaners, surface cleaners, detergents, carpets, socks, and thermal cash register rolls.

We do Private Labels and Contract Manufacturing on wet wipes and all kinds of detergents, household cleaners, personal and Baby care products.

Private Label:
Do you have plans to begin your own wet wipes, cleaners, and detergents? business but don’t have an idea where to take an action? No Worries! We have everything under control. You can choose from our unique and special formulations and packaging. You’ll have an option to make changes to the product to develop your own unique wipes, household cleaners, detergents, and more.

If you are a wholesaler, marketer, or producer, and, you want to add a new product to your portfolio or establish a new brand, we are here to help you most appropriately.

You can choose from our great variety of formulations for your need, or we can create a new special formula for you.

100% percent privacy policy is guaranteed, we will never give your name out about any project without your permission.

Contract Manufacturing:

Do you have your own formulation of wet wipes and detergents on your desk? Any assistance to assemble all the parts together? We’re here to assist. We’ll help you to create wet wipes and detergents from beginning to ready for marketing products. Let us know the details of your product and let’s get started.

Cost Saving: We are well experienced in running our facilities for years, this means that there is a minimum amount of errors that you have to pay for.

Professional Expertise: Our expertise and experiences in production will be a guarantee no critical errors that will cost you time, money, and materials.

Time Efficiency: While we take care of production, you will have more time for promoting your product in the market.

Products for private label:

Wet Wipes
•Adult Wipes•Elderly Care Wipes•Baby Wipes•Feminine Hygiene Wipes•Male Hygiene Wipes•makeup Remover Wipes•Pet Wipes•Bathroom Wipes•Electronic Wipes•Floor Wipes•Furniture Wipes•Jewelry Wipes•surface cleaning Wipes•Surface sanitizing Wipes•Heavy Duty Wipes•Daily Use Wipes•Surface Wipes with Bleach•Surface Wipes with Pine Oil•Glass Wipes•Softener Wipes•Office Wipes•Shoe Wipes•antibacterial Hand Wipes•Face Wipes•Cooling Wipes•Eye Wipes•First Aid Wipes•Hospital Wipes•Wet Toilet Wipes•flushable Wipes•Biodegreadable Wipes

Household Cleaners
•Kitchen Cleaners • Bathroom Cleaners • All-Purpose Cleaners • Cleaners with Bleach • antibacterial Cleaners (for Bathroom & Kitchen & All-Purpose) • Limescale Removers (Regular & Extra Power Anti-Limescales) • Degreasers (Regular & Extra Power) • Degreasers with Marseille Soap • Vinegar Cleaners • Fridge & Microwave Cleaners • Barbeque, Grill & Grate Cleaners • Shower Cleaners • Vitro-Ceramic Cleaners • Glass & Window Cleaners • Stainless Steel Cleaners • Scouring Creams (Cream Cleaners) • Furniture Care & Polish Sprays (Liquid) • Wooden Floor & Furniture Cleaners • Hard Surface Cleaners (with or without Bleach) • Drain Openers (Granular & Gel) • Carpet Cleaners • Carpet Shampoos • Wet Wipes • Toilet Cleaners With or Without Bleach (Liquid & Gel) • Solid WC Blocks (Solid Rim Blocks) • In-Tank Blocks & Cubes (Cistern Blocks) • Urinal Tablets• Air Fresheners (Liquid, Gels, Beads) • Fridge Odor Absorber

Laundry Care
• Fabric Softener (Regular & Concentrated) • Bleach • Ultra Thick Bleach • Fabric disinfectant • Stain Removers • Oxy-Stain Removers • Odor Removers • Fabric Fresheners (Laundry Fresheners) • Water Softeners • Easy Ironing Water • Scented Capsules

• Hand Dishwashing Liquid (Washing Up Liquids) • Dishwashing Powder • Rinse Aids • Dishwasher Cleaner • Dishwasher deodorant

Personal Care
•Hair Shampoos • Hair Conditioners • Hair Detangling Liquid (For Adults & Children) • Intimate Gels • Body Shampoos (Body Washes) • Liquid Hand Soap • Styling Gels • Styling Sprays (Liquid) • Shower Gels • Bath Creams, Foams, and Lotions • Bath Oils • Body Lotions, Creams, Milk and Oils • facial Moisturizers, Cleansers, Washes, and Creams • facial Masks • Serums • Sun Tan Lotions • Eye Gel and Creams • makeup Remover • Hair Mask • antibacterial Gel • Oxidation Lotion • Cologne

Baby Care
Baby Shampoos • Baby Lotion • Baby Oil • Baby Cologne • Baby Wet Wipes • Talcum Powder

We produce thermal paper rolls for cash registers and pos machines and thermal label stickers for scales, warehouses, etc.

Our wholesale department proudly serves our brands;

Juniper Clean (wet wipes, cleaners, and Baby and personal care)
Five Clean (wet wipes, cleaners, and Baby and personal care)
Onevatekno ( Thermal; Paper Rolls and Stickers)
Sock Atomica ( Socks)
Soft Woven Floor Decor ( Carpets and Pads)
Coss ( Charcoal )

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