Wipe Outz by Mike DeVries. Sterilized Dry Tattoo Towels & Cleansing Tattoo

Wipe Outz are Officially Here!

We spent almost 3 years researching supplies and testing absorption, energy, and construction to deliver you the latest commonplace in tattoo towels. And now—eventually—you may get your fingers on one of the best tattoo towels within the business! Announcing the official launch of Wipe Outz Advanced Dry & Wash Tattoo Towels!

The material is designed to be smooth and durable, and it gained’t depart any needle-clogging residue behind. Gamma-sterilized for cleanliness, these towels will assist elevate the extent of security and professionalism within the tattoo business.

The dry towels are excellent for the tattoo creation course of, and the moist towels are nice for a fast and handy option to clear your new tattoo. Whether you’re an artist or a tattoo collector, these wonderful
towels will revolutionize the best way you create and look after a tattoo.

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