Four Side Seal Single Wet Wipes Making Machine 40-120 packs/min

Four Side Seal Single Wet Wipes Making Machine 40-120 packs/min

The four side seal single wet wipes making machine is suitable for the production various kind of four-side sealing wet wipes/tissue, alcohol swabs/pad.

The four side seal single wet wipes machine is easy to operate, with servo motor and PLC touch panel, which can adjust the packing temperature, packing speed and tissue length accordingly.

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It can be used to produce four sides sealing packaging wet wipes, such as: female care wipes, makeup wipes, medical disinfectant wipes, lenses clean wet wipes, computer clean wipes, shoes clean wet wipes, aviation wet wipes, catering wipes and so on.



Metering Pump: Adopt japanese metering pump, make it’s accurate to add liquid into different package with tolerance of ±0.01m/time.

Bag Former: Adjusting bag former to make the bag width can meet the actual requests.

Touch Screen: Making operation more simple, flexible and fast.

Date and Printer: Used to print date code, lot No. and other infomation according to customer’s requirement.

Housing: All stainless steel 304 makes the packing machine more clean and sanitary.

Cutter: Different kinds of cutter shapes can be changed according to customer’s requirements.

Technical Parameters:

Model GWW-350
Support Language English, French (can be customized)
Speed 40-120 packs/min (Depends on folding size, folding method and packaging film)
Total Power AC220V 50HZ/60HZ 9KW (Can be customized)
Folding Method Pair fold (Optional three fold)
Gas Source 0.6MPA-0.8MPA Air consumption: 0.1m³/min
Weight 1200 Kg
Dimension 3300×2300×1600mm

Material of Wet Wipes

Material non-woven fabric
Parent Roll Specification Maximum diameter: 1100mm, Width: (100-210) mm
Axis Number Setting Simultaneous operation of two axes
Shaft Diameter Diameter 76.2 mm
Wet Wipes Unfolded Size Length (150-210)*Width (100-180) mm
Wet Wipes Folded Size Length (30-145)*Width (30-75) mm

Packing Material

Packing Material Aluminized film, aluminum foil film
Material Thickness 0.07 mm-0.09 mm
Axis Number Setting Single-axis operation, active film release
Shaft Diameter Diameter 70-75 mm
Packaging Material Specification Diameter 350mm, width: (100-340) mm
Package Dimensions (50-170)*(50-100) mm




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