Custom Printed Branded Cleaning Wet Wipes (3000 pcs) Moistened Napkins Towelettes

Customized Printed Cleaning Wet Wipes are available for food service, hospitality, facility management, colleges, hospitals, resorts, bed & breakfast (or Airbnb), eating places, diners, fast-food shops, cafes and buffets. Contact us to order printed wet wipes and get detailed info. We manufacture wholesale wet wipes with fine quality printing. By searching our wet wipes measurement, you’ll be able to order for your organization with a particular brand.

  • Little and fresh details to make your enterprise extra prestigious and brings pleasure and satisfaction to your clients.
  • All our merchandise could be personalized based on your requirements.
  • You’ll be able to shop for these wipes at discounted prices.  Simply send us your textual content or emblem and we print your needs.
  • Minimum order Amount is 3000 pcs

Disposable Printed Wet Wipes Manufacturing

Disposable printed wet wipes are preferrred products for cleansing and hygiene are produced by our firm. Wet wipes used for cleaning and hygiene are additionally usually utilized in promotions and ads with practical use benefits. You’ll be able to easily introduce your organization and enterprise with printed wet wipes that present practical cleansing before or after meals.

Disposable printed wet wipes that let you reach lots of customers are utilized in all sectors with different sizes. Printed wet wipes products that we produce utilizing the most recent know-how are very top quality. You’ll be able to order disposable printed wet wipes from our firm.

Wet wipes are often used to meet the need for fast cleaning in indoor or outdoor . On this context, the demand for naturally wet wipes is also growing.

Printed Wet Wipes Prices

Often requested Wholesale Printed Wet Wipes Costs, it makes a difference based on the order.  Your orders of 10,000+ pieces or cafe wet wipes are produced by our firm within the quickest means are probably the most inexpensive printed wet wipes.

Wet Wipes Exterior Materials choices

  • Hen Paper
  • Kraft Paper
  • Metallized Silver Triblex
  • Metallized White Clutch

Wet Wipes Inside Materials choices

  • Towels (Nonwoven)

Moist Wipes Odor Choices

  • Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Essence varieties.

Product Description: 

  • Pack Dimension:
    • 5 x 12 cm (metallized paper solely)
    • 6 x 8 cm
    • 6 x 10 cm
    • 6 x 12 cm
    • 7 x 10 cm
    • 7 x 12 cm
  • Sheet Sizes:
    • 15x20cm,
    • 16x19cm,
    • 13x17cm,
    • 12x18cm,
    • 20x20cm, and so on.
  • Sheet Materials: Spunlace Nonwoven Cloth, Nonwoven Cloth, Pearl Nonwoven Cloth, Moist Energy Paper, and so on.
  • Sheet GSM: 35gsm ~ 100gsm.
  • Alcohol: No Alcohol
  • Sachet Materials: OPP, OPP+PE, PET+PE, Aluminum, PE+Aluminum+Paper, and so on.
  • Brand: buyer’s requested emblem.
  • Samples: Free samples obtainable.

Application of Wet Wipes Singles:

To be used in eating places, meals service, hospitality, facility administration, colleges, hospitals, resorts, bed & breakfast (or Airbnb), restaurants, diners, fast-food shops, cafes and buffets, airways, places of work, espresso bars, or different public locations, during travel, and so on.


Custom Printed Branded Cleaning Wet Wipes Custom Printed Branded Cleaning Wet Wipes 2 Custom Printed Branded Cleaning Wet Wipes 3

Custom Printed Branded Cleaning Wet Wipes 4

printing wet wipes


Bon Appetit Wet Wipes

It’s now very economical and simple to have a wet wipe design. Bon Appetit is the scale you may have requested as the most important issue that determines the value in our wet wipe product. Get probably the most demanded Bon Appetit Printed Moist Wipes are 5x12cm, 6x8cm, 6x10cm, 7×12 cm and seven×14 cm.

Whether or not affordable and inexpensive within the sizes you’ll demand, Moist Wipes can be utilized simply after all types of foods and drinks. Could Be Wet Wipes which you can demand in several fragrances are hygienic and provide refreshment with a scent .

Ready, printed and hygienic wet wipes are shipped by packing totally different items for Cafe, restaurant-style companies. Manufacturing is made within the desired items with the size of printed.


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Custom Printed Branded Cleaning Wet Wipes (3000 pcs) Moistened Napkins Towelettes


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