Private Label Wet Wipes Manufacturing

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cropped Baby Wet wipes 2It’s our pleasure to welcome new business partners to create your own Wet Wipes OEM under your brand.

  • We provide you with high quality wet tissue or wet wipes in reasonable prices.
  • We know our wipes inside and out. Our R&D team is ready to listen to your ideas and create unique formulas for your customers.

We  produce private label wet wipes products for brands and retail chains covering a wide range of wipes and sanitary products.

  • We cooperate with our customers to create the products that are perfectly matched to meet their local customer demand.
  • We can customize any product, from its size, shape, weight, ingredients, fragrance and packaging.
  • We respond quickly to customer requirements and our production capabilities enable us to create and deliver products to the exact customer specifications, in large quantities and with timely delivery.
  • We focus on world class quality products in accordance with all international and local regulatory requirements.
  • We proactively seek to improve our customer’s product line, while protecting and enhancing their brand quality and visibility,  to support their quality and business goals.
  • Top 11 Questions to Ask Private Label Manufacturers

Contact us to find out how we can create a private label solution for you, and how we can meet your private label wet wipes manufacturing needs.

Your brand is our responsibility and we understand the importance of investing in relationships with clients that first and foremost build trust.

Highest -Quality Private Label Wet Wipes Manufacturing

  • Our private label wet wipes manufacturing solutions deliver only the highest quality products.
  • We are continually looking for ways to innovate our product development and quality to meet our clients exacting needs, and to maintain our commitment to environmental sustainability.
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Reliable Wet Wipes OEM Contract Manufacturing

We are a professional wet wipes making machine manufacturer in Turkey, and we have wet wipes manufacturing company under the group. Whether you are looking for standard products or custom manufacturing, we are confident we have something to offer.

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Our professionals are able to providing formulation, substrate and packaging. Our various formulas for different types of wet wipes have been developed by experts.

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A team of expert conducts extensive tests within the factory and analyze every product batch. All products are produced to the highest quality control under the ISO regulatory.

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Primary Packaging

We are capable of packaging products in individually sealed sachets, sample packets , spout pouches, flexible soft packs, plastic canisters, jars, pucks and tube.

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Retail Packaging

Most popular secondary or outer packaging options are retail-ready carton boxes. Other choices include bags, or trays are available.​

Wet Wipes Type

We provide a wide range of wet wipes: Baby wipes, disinfecting tissues, antibacterial wipes, makeup removers wipes, countertop cleaners, alcohol swabs, adult moist tissue, feminine hygiene wipes, body refresh wipes etc.

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