Wet Wipes Making Machine up to 8000 sheets/min or 400 cut/min

The wipes manufacturing line is used to manufacture disposable wet wipes for household cleansing or child wipes. We have now 4 models so that you can select from GWW6,GWW12,GWW16,GWW20.

Product Description:

Detachable wet wipes production line is used to supply disposable family cleansing wet wipes or child wipes, similar to baby hand wipes, bathroom wipes, and so on.

  • Folded Dimension: L(100-180mm), W(90-110mm)
  • Expanded Dimension: L(100-180mm), W(90-210mm)

Packing Dimension:


  • 30pcs/bag Hand wipes
  • 50pcs/bag Moist Wipes
  • 80pcs/bag Moist Wipes
  • 120pcs/bag Moist Wipes


Wet Wipes Wet Tissues OEM Private Label MAnufacturing 5 Wet Wipes Wet Tissues OEM Private Label MAnufacturing 7 Wet Wipes Wet Tissues OEM Private Label MAnufacturing 21

Working Process:

Unrolling raw materials → folding → wetting → slicing in dimension → pile and counting wipe → switch wipe to packing → output completed merchandise.   All of the processes are completed on the machine. Manufacturing velocity is high and sanitary.

  • Feeding (jumbo roll)
  • Feeding (twin rolls)
  • Folding
  • Wetting
  • Cutting
  • Pile and Counting wipe
  • Packing
  • Sticker Adhesive Machine


  1. Superior expertise and distinctive design: Intelligent setting of LCD contact display, automated connection of base paper and roll film, automatic conversion of labels. The visual inspection system can even detect missing labels, lacking codes and printing.
  2. The operation is dependable, easy, handy and versatile: Finish of roll detection, automated connection when there is no such thing as a material, after the present two rolls of raw supplies are used up, the spare two rolls can be automatically linked.
  3. Choose the highest-end distinctive manufacturing materials:  For 10-axis raw materials, every axis independently controls the tension and drives independently, absolutely making certain that the strain of 10 cloths is balanced and constant. With the steering rod, the path of the fabric will be made more precise. The joint detects the thickness to avoid signal errors.

Technical Parameters:

Model GWW-6 GWW-12 GWW-16 GWW-20
Help Language English, French (will be custom-made)
Speed 2520 sheets/min or 420 cut/min 4200-5040 sheets/min or 420 cut/min 6400 sheets/min or 400 cut/min 8000 sheets/min or 400 cut/min
Total Energy AC380V 50/60HZ 18KW AC380V 50/60HZ 28KW AC380V 50/60HZ 40KW AC380V 50/60HZ 41KW
Folding Technique N sort single pumping, C sort single pumping
Air Supply 0.6MPA-0.8MPA Air consumption: 0.15m³/min 0.6MPA-0.8MPA Air consumption: 0.2m³/min 0.6MPA-0.8MPA Air consumption: 0.3m³/min
Weight 5000Kg 7500Kg 15000Kg 17000Kg
Dimension 9500*2665*2230mm 17500*2665*2230mm 23900*3580*2060mm 26100*3580*2060mm
Materials of Wet Wipes
Materials non-woven fabric
Roll Specification Maximum diameter: 1100mm, Width: (200-1200) mm Maximum diameter: 1100mm, Width: (90-210) mm
Axis Quantity Setting Single axis operation Simultaneous operation of two axes 8 axis operation, 8 axis spare 10 axis operation, 10 axis spare
Shaft Diameter Diameter 76.2 mm
Wet Wipes Unfolded Dimension L(100-180)*W(90-200)mm L(100-180)*W(90-210)mm
Wet Wipes Folded Dimension L(100-180)*W(90-110)mm
Packing Materials
Packing Materials Aluminized film, aluminum foil film, PE/PP, PO/PPE
Materials Thickness 0.07-0.09 mm
Axis Quantity Setting Single axis operation
Shaft Diameter Diameter 70-75 mm
Packaging Materials Specification Diameter 350mm, max width: 350 mm
Bundle Dimensions L(150-230)*W(100-120)*H(20-80)mm L(150-230)*W(100-120)*H(30-80)mm
Applicable Stickers Clear stickers and opaque stickers
Axis Quantity Setting Single axis operation Two-axis operation
Sticker Dimension Customary 35-50mm(Will be custom-made)
Hole Dimension Customary 20-40mm(Will be custom-made)
Sticker Thickness 0.6mm-0.08mm

Typical sections of a Wet Wipe Manufacturing Line:

A moist wipe manufacturing line consists of  numerous elements and equipment. Here’s a listing of the primary components:

Slitter Rewinder

The design of the machine allows it to chop and rewind substances reminiscent of nonwoven fabric, spun-laced or spun-bond. It includes a shaft-less winding system and floor wind system, each having pneumatic actuated rider roll system. It’s a PLC system fitted with HMI display to program the method recipes.

Other options of the slitter rewinder system embody:

  • Unwinder having traction belts to take care of a exact and modulated loading of the fabric
  • Lateral adjustment having energy screws
  • Pneumatic safety chucks discovered on the unwinder
  • Load cells obligatory for pressure management having a closed loop
  • Tapper nip and tapper pressure system

Wetting System

  • The moistening system is a linear automated liquid filling machine used primarily throughout the process of wetting the nonwoven fabric rolls.
  • You may simply modify the machine to fill several volumes with a high variety of viscosities.

Folding Machine

  • The nonwoven folding machine has a singular design for folding numerous varieties of wet wipes.
  • The typical speed of manufacturing is as much as 120 items per minute.
  • The tools has a counter having interval controller put in in it.

Labelling System

  • Servo and pneumatics programs supply the best solution for making use of numerous kinds of labels to a myriad of wet wipe packages.
  • The labeling machines can apply any self-adhesive label, for instance, paper, clear, opaque, PE, P, amongst different supplies.

Lid applicator

  • Modern lid applicators apply the most recent technology of their operation.
  • High-speed lid applicator machines acknowledge the packaging utilizing artificial vision.
  • A high-speed robotic arm picks up the lids, and by means of a synchronized motion spread glue to the lid utilizing a sizzling soften glue gun prior to pressing the lid softly onto the pack.
  • Utilizing hot soften adhesive, it’s possible for the machine to finish label application (wide ≤ 60, Size≤300) and lid application (dimension (mm):  wide ≤80, Size ≤120).
  • After the whole process, you observe it with a high quality management inspection carried out by synthetic imaginative and prescient.

Digicam High quality Management Unit

  • The unit facilitates steady evaluation of the method of manufacturing reminiscent of extreme pressure on the moist wipes.
  • The creases or areas with materials accumulation, as an illustration, could have dangerous repercussions.
  • Such defects could end in practical impairment of the absorption functionality of the moist wipes.
  • The digicam high quality management unit offers a relentless analysis of the forces utilized and their graphical depiction proven in a 3D diagram.
  • The unit has sensors evenly distributed all through the floor of the moist wipes.
  • This makes it potential to watch these forces and their distribution on the floor in a decision of <10 mm.
  • The method optimizes parameters of the manufacturing course of for you for compressible merchandise, if obligatory.

Moist Wipes Packaging Line

  • The packaging line consists of a horizontal packaging machine and movie preparation unit.
  • The packaging machine has automated in-line feeder fitted with calibrating conveyor.
  • Association of the movie preparation unit is parallel to the longitudinal axis of the packaging machine although, you’ll be able to as nicely set up on the proper angle to the entrance or again,

Elements embody:

  • Double reel holder shaft having an automated reel splicer.
  • Servo pushed movie die reduce unit obligatory in creating the pack opening.
  • Two labeling machines: considered one of them is on standby, used for the putting of the bundle re-sealing label.
  • Longitudinal fin seal unit made up of: a set of preheating bars, double units of various tilting pulling wheels, chilly pulling wheels and trimming tools having mechanical trim rewind.

Horizontal Form-Fill and Seal Machine

  • That is horizontal flow-rapping tools that generates as much as 100 packs per minute with airtight seals out of a flat reel of warmth seal packaging materials.
  • The machine has a design particularly meant for modified atmospheric packaging (M.A.P).

Vertical Kind-Fill and Seal Machine

  • The machine is an automated line, modeled for packing of moist wipes in a single bundle.
  • The machine folds separate in packages, wets, and packs the wipes by an entire automated cycle.
  • A thermo-regulator and programmable controller manages the cycle.

High loader case packer

The tools mechanically erects, feeds and encloses wrap round moist wipes bins.

Listed here are a few of the options of the highest loader case packer:

  • Flap-sealing of the instances utilizing hot-melt tape or glue
  • Massive dimension vary
  • Straightforward and quick changeover for various case dimensions
  • Compact and accessible case packing equipment
  • Case packer able to deal with totally different packaging fashions
  • Wrap round having shortened flaps
  • Full wrap round


The tools makes use of a palletizing robotic which performs the next duties:

  1. It lifts a pallet and transfers it into place.
  2. Raises a slip sheet and positions it on high of the pallet, and eventually lifts the designated quantity of instances relying on the sample of the pallet you’re utilizing and locations them in a layer on high of the pallet.
  3. The robotic employs a vacuum gripper to select up the instances and pallet and applies suction cups for the slip sheet.
  4. The moist wipes palletizer has one major management panel and makes use of HMI and PLC to modulate all of the robots.




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